Niagara Falls on a cold night

A very cold evening at Niagara Falls a few years ago with my daughter who is going to school about 30min from the falls. The combination of snow, ice, water and ice are always fun and not too many people around when it is -20 C/-4 F. Bright colors for a postcard

Specific Feedback Requested

Any feedback welcome.

Technical Details

1.6 seconds, f11, iso1000. 280mm (70-400) on full frame.
The image was taken a bit underexposed to keep the highlights from completely blowing out. The exposure was raised in LR along with reduction in highlights and increase the blacks which ups the saturation. No vibrance or saturation adjustments made. I would have liked faster shutter speed but did not want to go above iso1000.


Pretty cool (no pun intended). The colors are pretty vivid, but I still like the story and the image.

You said you would have like a faster shutter speed but didn’t want to go above iso 1000

I’m going to make a guess that you were about 500 feet from the falls. If that is about right at f/11 focusing at 500 ft, your near dof at 280mm was 390 ft, and far dof was 695 ft. If you would have used f/8 you could have doubled your shutter speed and near dof would have been 415 ft and far dof 628 ft. More than enough to hold anything you needed within the dof. So why not just use f/8, problem solved.

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@bryannelsonca This does look cold! I think it’s just the situation people would be more likely to buy a postcard of than stand out in. :slight_smile: It is also very colorful. I guess I didn’t think much about that, since there is so much artificial and colorful light. I like the stillness of the ice contrasting with the power of the water. Thanks for sharing this.

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@Keith_Bauer thanks for the information. I have to remember this for other outings. Sometimes I forget to try different fstops with compositions sometimes you have enough depth of field and sometimes it might be better to have less/more depth of field. It’s easier to choose when you get home and look on a large monitor.

Bryan, the colors and the night view would make this a fine post card, “available in all of the gift shops near the falls…”.

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