Nikon D7500 for landscape photography

Hi everyone. I’m planning on upgrading my D5300 to a D7500 in the next month or so and wondered if anyone has used it for landscape. Originally I was planning on going for the 7200 but I think the extra burst rate will help me with wave photography and any wildlife I do. Is it any good? I’m not planning on printing to a huge size and am not a professional so the single sd card slot doesn’t bother me as such.

I know I should be looking to go full frame but can’t afford to upgrade the body and change all the lenses.

Thanks in advance

Chris, I have been using a D7500 since December of 2017. It replaced my D7000 that I kept as a back up.
I use it almost exclusively for landscape and a few wildlife shots. I have been very happy with it and appreciate the upgrade to the sensor and other features versus the D7000. I looked at going to the D750 but the weight for it and the lenses discouraged me. I shot the D75000 and D750 and compared images, IMO the differences were very minimal. The D500 may also be worth a look if you are interested in wildlife. I believe eirher will be significant upgrades to your current camera. I looked at the D7200 and D500 and have been very happy with my choice for landscape images. The single card slot has not been an issue for me.

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Thanks Alan. I do like the 500 but it is also just outside of my price range at the moment. Do you find the resolution of the rear screen sufficient? I read that it’s less than the 7200 and 5300…

Chris, the rear screen resolution is just ok. I do not see much difference from the D7000. I did want the articulating touch screen and find I do use quite often in lower or awkward tripod positions. I also like that the D7500 is about 7oz. lighter than the D7200. I place a premium on light weight for traveling and packing my gear. I find the more gear I have to carry the less I want to explore and shoot. I believe the lenses are the most important part of the system. For me the Nikon D16-80 is a really useful zoom lens and I find the quality of the images to be very good. I shoot with it more than my 10-24. Also the new 70-300 lens is very sharp. Please be sure you are check into lens compatibility with your new camera choice.

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Am I right in thinking that it has a live view histogram available to use Alan?

Chris, it does have that feature. I use live view a fair amount but it does have a huge impact on the battery life.

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