Nikon D610 experience?

Does anyone here have hands-on experience with the D610? I came across one that supposedly is like new with a shutter count of 4497. It will be here tomorrow.

I think I am hitting the wall with the cropped sensor Nikons. I increasingly find myself shooting in low light conditions due to where I live and where I shoot. I spend a lot of time in the woods of South Carolina and the canopy here cuts down on light a lot.

Some say they have had focus problems on birds in flight and some say they have not have a problem. That would be a concern of mine too.

Any input would be appreciated.

I like mine. Very good full frame camera. Excellent low light, better than my D800.
Not an outstanding autofocus bird flight camera.
You can look at the avian critique forum, all my bird photos there are with D610. Excellent Landscape camera.
I have not upgrade for several years, have the D800 and D610.
There is not much difference except more pixels with the D800.
D610 files are smaller but IQ is about the same.
D610 shoots about 6 fsp, not really fast enough for high end bird photography if you are aiming for that.
You can process nice files with anything under iso3200 with either.

I just checked and the D850 is down to $2699.
I don’t know how much the D610 is, but I would go for the 850.

Thanks Dan, good to know. I got the D610 for just under $700.

I will check out your photos.

The D610 arrived today. I took it out for a test run with my Tamron 150-600 G1. I was stunned at the difference between it and the D7200. The pics are sharper, have better color, and the noise difference is unbelievable.

This is no keeper, but I think it illustrates what I was saying. I am very pleased so far. 1/1000 sec, f/11, iso 3200 at 600mm.

Hi Larry, I went from a D7000 to a D610 around 4.5 years ago and I still absolutely love it. I know some other great landscape photographers that use D610’s as well. Whether or not it compares to the latest and greatest cameras will bring you to the old discussion of whether or not a few extra megapixels and other bells and whistles will make your photography significantly better. So far, I have not felt the need to upgrade from the D610; most of my images are single exposures and I can print large. Congrats and enjoy!


So far I am really impressed. Can’t wait to get out tomorrow and find some real opportunities.

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