North Slope Tundra

It was raining continuously as I recall. We waited patiently in the SUV for it to stop but it never did. The waiting just became too much for me so I grabbed the camera and just started walking across the tundra. It turned out to be a great day. I returned feeling elated (and boiled up some wienies, our go to meal when nothing else was to be had).

Canon 6D, 24-105@55mm, iso 100, f/16, 1/10 sec, TK sharp, tripod, CPL


I like this a whole lot, Igor. Great comp and structure and fine color. Very nice!

Igor, For me it’s all in balance and peaceful , A nice image to look at. And therefore also from me no critique. Well made I can say !

This is a lovely intimate landscape, Igor. The large version contains a wealth of textures and details spread around the scene that the viewer can savor and enjoy. I too would be elated if I came back with this beauty. This is just a personal preference and nothing you could do about it, but I wish the URC had a little more vegetation. This reminds me of something Elliot Porter would shoot. Great job on this.

Such a lovely scene; well composed, great mix of colors, shapes, and textures. THIS is photographic art. Well done, Igor.

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Igor, everything’s been said. I like this a lot. It is very well seen, very well seen, and very well processed. You’ve nailed everything in the head. Artistic and beautiful!

This is lovely, Igor. Yep, definitely Elliot Porter-esqe. Nicely balanced comp with wonderful array of textures and colors. Cant think of any way to improve.

I also posted this on Facebook and I can tell you … it looks soooo much better here on NPN. A major construct of this image is all those blades of grass and teeny twigs. They add tension to the comp. But they have to be really sharply focused to work. This image works with good resolution.

A beautiful image, Igor. The bare branches give focal points for the composition and the spread of colour and texture enlivens the whole scene. I would not change anything !

Nice shot Igor, I love the colors, textures and the contrast between the vibrant foliage and the dead colorless wood.

@Dave_Dillemuth is right Igor, Eliot Porter would have been proud of this one. I especially like the duality of yellow leaves on left, and red leaves on the right. Another aspect of the composition that I like is how much space you left above the top of the branch. That extra breathing room creates a halo type effect around the top branch. This would make a wonderful print…

No critique, enjoyed viewing it, very crisp textures and colors, a fine job, Igor.

Igor, a well crafted comp and like this as presented. …Jim

I like this quite a bit Igor, definitely Elliot Porter-esque as Ed mentioned, definitely an intimate photograph. I can appreciate that it requires the sharp detail to work, and would thus work wonderfully in a decently sized print.

What do you think about removing the horizontal branch in the center of the frame? I feel it disrupts the flow a bit, given that all the other main branches generally run vertically.

Getting real nitpicky, there are small twigs at the bottom-center edge and the right-center edge that run parallel to those edges of the frame, which could perhaps could be removed to avoid tension in the wrong areas. Otherwise the edges look very clean, something difficult to achieve in a composition like this.

I like the classy processing - restrained color while still being a nice feast for the eyes.

Thank you for your thoughtful critique. I hadn’t thought of that. I’ll see how much of a difference maker it is. It makes sense logically but how will the bare space look?

Hi Igor, nice capture of vegetation elements. I would agree with removing the horizontal central branch, it is distracting. The edges look fine to me. Personally I would prefer a touch more saturation in the yellows and reds. That, while lightening the branches slightly, along with darkening some of the neutral grasses, might provide further depth. The interplay with the reds and yellows is interesting and I would capitalize more on that.

Simple and so beautifully crafted. Love this one Igor

Love this image, Igor. My eye never settles, constantly moving, along the lines of the branches, to the yellow leaves, the red leaves, the grass blades. Really nice image. You’ll appreciate that it reminds me of Eliot Porter.

I could be wrong and expect you to tell me if so, but the perspective of this image appears to be angled to the ground plane which leaves me a little unsettled. If so, I wonder if you considered a more vertical perspective that would square up the ground plane to the sensor and reduce the perspective of the image.

That’s an interesting comment Matt. I can’t remember the plane of the ground vs the camera offhand. It looks pretty bushy so I’m not sure there was a plane. But why would you think a more perpendicular point of view would have been better? Is there a distortion in the branches? I’ll have to look more carefully.

Btw, there are quite a few comments comparing this to Eliiot Porters work. Although I’m a big fan of his work I never saw it that way. I guess it’s ingrained in me.

Igor, regarding the perspective, I observe smaller elements at the top of the frame than the bottom which contradicts the uniformity of the field of leaves. If the perspective were square to the field, perspective would flatten, the image would simplify, and the wooden branches would distort less as you say. I hope this makes sense. If not, not to worry. The image is really nice as it stands.

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