Patagonian Autumn

Took this image coming back to camp after a freezing morning that sunrise was a bust. The previous days had been snowing and windy, the trees had snow plastered on the side and fall colors were starting to occur in this patch of forest. What attracted me to this scene was the contrast of the tree trunks going vertically and this branch almost perfectly horizontal.

What technical feedback would you like if any?

Any feedback at all: composition, processing, crop.

What artistic feedback would you like if any?

Pertinent technical details or techniques:

(If this is a composite, etc. please be honest with your techniques to help others learn)
This is a single shot. processed it in Lightroom and then proceded to Photoshop to ad contrast, detail and try to separate the horizontal branch from the tree trunks.

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Jose, this is a very good eye and a really interesting intimate scene. The leaves remind me of a cloud floating across the tree trunks. I like the colors as well as the separation of the leaves from the trunks you were able to achieve in post.

Very nice work!

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Thanks Alan. I really had an amazing time just wandering through these forests.

Fascinating crop Jose; it’s almost abstract in how disorienting it is, especially at the small size. I do like the way you isolated the horizontal branches. This would be very interesting printed large and hung over a couch or similar.

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Great eye to see this and I think you made a good choice in your crop to emphasize the horizontal branches. The verticals of the snow-lined trees are cool too. It’s too bad the snow was repeated complete thru the rest of the image to the left.

At least for me, in the end I think this is missing something. Or perhaps not missing… but maybe it’s that the foreground horizontal branches aren’t separate enough from the vertical trees and background; ie. depth of field is too great? I’m not sure if that’s what I’m seeing or thinking, but it’s like the eye wants to bounce back and forth between the two elements. Probably doesn’t make much sense, but I tried…


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The lack of separation is what’s I’m seeing too. Some fog would’ve been perfect here but cant ask for everything :joy:. I tried using a bit of gaussian blur on the vertical lines to separate them a bit from the horizontal branches.