Not your average Insta moment

Thanks for all the feed back on my last image. From time to time I find my self almost marrying a picture that is so unlikely to please but that I can’t let go because I feel attached to it. This is one of those. An image that in regular forums probably would go unnoticed.

It is obvious I think that I want to highlight these trees, I also found this mystical forrest creek appealing, with crystal clear water and old loggs lying on the bottom of it. If att all, how would you have taken this shot and what are your feelings towards it? Web_MS85466_1-Redigera

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.

Mattias, this is a really neat scene, I like the brightness of the yellow trees standing out from it’s dark surroundings. I agree this image takes some time and study to fully appreciate, but that’s the beauty of NPN compared to some other photo sharing websites, here you will get some meaningful comments.

I can’t open a larger size image, you might get more helpful comments if you could re-post it at a larger size. I like the pattern of the submerged logs, they create an interesting, dark foreground. The vignettes in the two upper corners feel a little heavy to me, a vignette helps but I think using more feathering on it would help. What’s attractive to me about this image is the light/dark contrast, and I think the bright leaves in the foreground compete a little with the bright center of the image. I would either burn them down a lot, or maybe consider a crop from the bottom eliminating some of the leaves.


You’ve got some very compelling elements with the submerged timbers and the reflected yellow trees. I like the way this is processed with my eyes drawn to the trees and their reflections. However, I agree with Ed that those foreground leaves are a bit distracting I might burn down the brightness or play with cropping them out.

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I am really intrigued by the composition but I can’t open the larger size image neither. Looking forward to take a look at it.

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Mattias, I like the visual balance between the foreground leaves and the trees at the back. I agree with you about the old logs being an important addition. I think that cropping this mostly from the left but a bit from the right to an 8.5 x 11, while 4x5 might work, I think it is likely to feel tight.

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What everyone else said. Could see a square or pano crop here too. Neat find!


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I like this shot~ It seems there is some noise or grain to it that I feel somehow actually enhances the dark melancholy mood here. One thing I am not sure about is the group of brighter leaves at the bottom edge, just because they take some focus away from the main trees and the more subtle leading lines created by the logs.

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Easy to see why you were attracted to this scene and I think you processed it in such a way to really capture the sense and atmosphere.

Hard to evaluate at this size as the yellow trees look a bit soft; but then it could be because of that atmosphere, or processed that way? not sure.

I like the 16:9 ratio; at least it allows for the natural (or processed) vignetting on each side of the frame. And yes, the logs and upfront details add a lot. I’m less enthralled with the leaves as others have mentioned. But then if you cropped you’d lose the “X” of the logs. Perhaps a content-aware clone of that biggest grouping along the bottom?


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Dear all and thank you for your kind and valuable comments. I can’t stress enough how valuable these inputs are. Based on your input I made these changes.

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