November Reflections & recrop

Better crop…

Another phone photo from a couple years ago when I lived in snow country in the North East, just a reflection of trees with ice starting to form in a pond close to where I used to live.

Specific Feedback Requested


Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Phone and converted to black and white and cropped to focus on the reflections.


Cool shot, Vanessa. And the B&W works really well. I think I would crop the top land/ice out. Seems to me to make a stronger image. Nice to see this.

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Thanks @David_Bostock ! Do you mean something like this…

Yes, Vanessa, that is perfect. I really like how the reflection is not “anchored” to the far ground. It helps to make this a really nice, almost abstract scene. Wonderful.

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Thanks, I was thinking it kind of looked abstract too.

Nice abstract reflection Vanessa, the choice of using B&W was a great idea for the graphic nature of the abstract.

I think @David_Bostock’s suggested crop is a small change that makes a huge difference. It not only eliminates some bright areas along the top edge, but not showing the shoreline removes an element of reality, which also enhances the abstract look.

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Thanks @Ed_McGuirk , yeah I agree the bigger crop really makes it better. Glad you like it!

Great idea to convert this image to a B&W Vanessa. @David_Bostock 's crop really takes this up a couple of notches by eliminating the distraction from the shoreline, making it much cleaner looking, and turning it into an even more abstract form of art. Well seen.

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