Blowing Sideways

I found this photo from 2018, saved in my Google photos. I had taken it with my phone, right before I got a camera. I love it because of the snow and the lines of trees. Where I’m at now we don’t have a real winter like this. :frowning:

Specific Feedback Requested

I’m just wanting feedback on composition as there’s not really much I can do with it as it’s from a phone, I guess I could change it to black and white which it kind of already looks like.

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Taken on a phone, I did a slight crop to take out a fence and some man-made objects.


Good job, Vanessa! You did a marvelous job with this one.

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Thanks @Igor_Doncov ! Maybe I should just take more phone photos! :smile:

Oh, it’s a phone photo? Then it’s no good. :laughing:

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Haha! I guess in reality it’s only good for a phone screen though, I probably couldn’t print it.

Vanessa, I love winter pictures and this one is really nice. If I lived someplace where we didn’t get real winters I sure would miss it. Phone or not I sure like it!

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Vanessa this is my favorite picture of all the ones you have posted here at NPN. It has a good composition, it has a very clearly defined main subject (with a nice supporting cast of other trees), and it’s starkness tells a good story about winter. It’s a very direct image that has good impact for these reasons. The radial, diagonal lines are very powerful visually, and you made very effective use of repetition of shapes with the background trees.

Phone vs. camera doesn’t mean anything, up to a point. Either device is just a tool that allows you to fufill a creative vision. All of the positive things I mentioned earlier come down to creative vision. The choices you make about such things are way more important than what tool you use. I know a number of people who own very expensive cameras, but are mediocre to average photographers. With that said, better tools give you more choices and creative options, your own reference to a print is a good illustration.

A lot of your images are grand landscapes, with big, open views. Seeing this image makes me think that you should also consider spending more time exploring smaller intimate scenes like this.
They are less dependent on weather and light, and they allow you to explore a subject more in depth.


Thanks so much @Nick_Bristol for liking it inspite of the phone! I’m planning on someday to live in snow country again!

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Thanks @Ed_McGuirk for your feedback and suggestions. I’ll have to post more of my smaller scenes, because I probably do more of those anyway, I think I don’t always know where to put them! Also I think I really love the grand landscapes I see others do and even though my area might not be as grand I really want to make the camera do what I see, but I know it doesn’t come out that way! Glad you like this one!

The best camera is the one you have with you which includes your phone. I like this a lot Vanessa. Nice composition and graphic qualities.

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Thanks @Eva_McDermott for looking and your feedback! I’m glad you like it!

I think this might be my favorite image that you have posted on NPN! I would be proud to have this in my portfolio. The graphic quality is quite striking and I love the bit off snow clinging to the right side off the trees as it gives them a bit off separation. I think this would make a nice B&W, but I am enjoying this very much as is. I will have to echo @Ed_McGuirk’s well thought out critique.

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Beautiful, Vanessa. It has a John Sexton look to it, a comparison I consider most complimentary. Not a criticism, but a shame you did not capture it with a bigger camera so you could make a nice big print for the wall.

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Totally agree @Harley_Goldman. (About wishing I had used my camera) If I remember right I think I had just purchased my camera, and as you can see in the photo the snow is blowing sideways (thus the title!) and I was really afraid of ruining my camera getting it wet from the snow, I don’t think I had any rain protection for it. I’ve had a rain sleeve in my camera bag ever since and have not used it yet! I’m just glad I took it along with some others and still have it! As I don’t know when I’ll get to be in a blizzard like this again! I really can’t believe how many people like this! Thanks!

Thanks @Ed_Lowe for the compliment. I hope one day to live in snow country again, I truly believe that the reason it turned out so good is because winter is my favorite season, scenes like this almost make me cry because they are so beautiful. I just love it when the leaves are off the trees because I can see them and the snow just makes them more beautiful. Don’t you think if something moves you so deeply that you can make other people see it too?

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I certainly do Vanessa. Your affinity for the winter season is readily apparent in this beautiful image.

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I love this image, as already stated one of your best posted here. It does for sure not need any change. However, I could not resist to make a quick test with high-key.

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Hi @ola! I already thought it kind of looked like a black and white anyway, but I really like what you did, I think it helps bring out the falling, blowing snow more!

A beautiful image, Vanessa. I think @Ed_McGuirk’s comment hit the nail on the head! My only nit is that I wish there was a little more room at the bottom. I also think a little increase in overall contrast would help. Here’s a revision with that done:


I just viewed @ola’s high-key version and think it’s wonderful; much better than my revision.

Hi @Bill_Chambers thanks for your feedback and suggestions. There was a fence at the bottom which I didn’t think added to the scene so felt it was best to leave it out. Yeah I like what @ola did too.