NPN Site Issues

NPN Site Issues

(Nature Photographers Network) #1

Hello everyone,

NPN is currently experiencing issues for some users. Some of you may receive a notice when visiting the site that it is unsafe, etc. The issue lies with the hosting of our images and was somehow flagged by Google as being unsafe. We are unsure of why this happened but have no reason to believe there is actually a problem.

Unfortunately, it is in Google’s hands right now to take us off the list. You can help out by reporting the site as safe by visiting this site:

Report Incorrect Phishing Warning and entering the URL: which is where our images are hosted and what is causing the problem.

We apologize for any confusion this is causing and we know some of you can’t view images on the site. Hopefully, Google will remove us from this list quickly, thank you for your patience.


(Gary Randall) #2

It appears that it’s an SSL cert issue. I had to upgrade to a secured server for my own website as it had the same issue recently.

(Sandy Richards-Brown) #3

Thanks for the hard work on this!
Glad to hear it’s Google instead of MY computer, which it usually is - and that prompts lots of people to say “No problem here with my MAC” :frowning:

(Lon Overacker) #4

Done. Thanks David

(Harley Goldman) #5



(David Kingham) #6

That was my intitial thought as well Gary, but alas it is not that simple. Somehow the service just got flagged by Google, not from anything we did but just a fluke. So now we wait for google to take it off the list, I can’t stand being at their mercy, I just want to fix it!

(Gary Randall) #7

I hate/love Google. :confused:

(Phil Hodgkins) #8

Done. I agree about Google—hate it/love it!

(Marc Ward) #9


filed report…

PO Box 1086

Dandridge, TN 37725


(Mark Seaver) #10

Did a “report” to Google. I can’t see any images but can read all the text (Firefox 61.0.1 and Mac OS 10.10.5 [Yosemite]).

Shows the quality/benefits of Artificial Intelligence.

(Sandy Richards-Brown) #11

Saturday early am:
Can now see all images, but cannot enlarge them.

(Hank Pennington) #12

Clearly I missed all the “fun.” Off for the day doing the family thing around Charleston SC, so no computer time. Signing in now was trouble free.

(Greg Giesing) #13

this email was reported as a scam by Thunderbird email

(David Kingham) #14

Thank you everyone for helping out and your patience through this, your reports seemed to have helped and the site is no longer listed by Google. Please let me know if you see any further problems.

An issue that you may see on some of the posts is the image not lightboxing to a larger image. @staff when you see a post like this please click on the admin wrench and select ‘Rebuild HTML’ which will fix the problem.

(Pieter Opperman) #15

I still have problems. I use an antivirus called ESET NOD, which is excellent, but it now brings up a warning (or multiple warnings) on every NPN page. I use the Chrome browser.
Also, I am unable to view images, they are all blurred. Uploaded images are also all blurred, like this one showing the warning message:

(David Kingham) #16

Hi Pieter, I have reported to them that this is a false negative to get it off their list. If you could do the same it would be helpful.

Go to for instructions. The url in question is

You could probably add an exception to the program as well in the meantime. Thanks for your patience.

(Pieter Opperman) #17

ESET advised me to add the URL(s) to an exception list. This turned out to be quite easy once they told me the secret keys to press to achieve that.

However, that means that NPN is probably still on some security vendor’s naughty list.