Trouble posting

Anyone else having trouble posting? I just tried agin and I enter everything and get down to the bottom and the post key is completely unresponsive. Giving up for now

No, but things have been wonky all over for me, not just on this site. CSS not loading. Sites not loading. Stuff like that. It’s weird.

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Just a thought…Are you checking the box next to “NPN Staff Suggestion” before clicking the post key?

No, but I checked that there were no red boxes, ie stuff missing

Hi Kathy, in order for the “post” button to be active, you must now check the box at the bottom from the NPN Staff Suggestion. Once you check that, the post button should work. Let us know if it doesn’t.

This is a new “feature” here at NPN.


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Thank you!! I’m :joy:
This post would have been shorter but for the 20 character requirement that is not a “suggestion”. So much for conciseness


I was trying to get people to read it, but it’s just causing confusion :grinning: so I got rid of the checkbox and put it at the top in some bold text instead so this won’t happen again!


@David_Kingham, It’s sad that more people don’t engage in comments. That was a good try and I’m sad that it didn’t have as much effect. I’m reluctant to comment on images from the posters who regularly seem not to comment, but it’s hard to be sure how much someone is in that category.

Obviously policing won’t work but maybe there are other ways to encourage participation? It might be nice if there is some way to be able to quantify people’s participation outside their own posts. Maybe the moderators should take it into account in the EPs, and let people know that that is a policy???

I think the lack of comments, at least in the landscape category, is due to lack of posts. The majority of people comment right after they post. That category gets about 3-5 posts a day, often less. Furthermore, there are I would say 10 or less regular posters in landscape, and they are the ones you expect a comment from (together with a couple of moderators). The remainder are sporadic contributors who can be absent for months or a few that post twice a year. We had active posters last year that are completely gone this year. We need more active posters as I see it.

Well having two landscape mods leave certainly hasn’t helped. I think particular friends of both are also conspicuous by their absences.

Hi Igor. Just my two cents. I don’t post much because of some eye issues but also because I just cant get over how easy it is to rip things off this site. Just hit the download button. The insistence that we post larger images than some of us are comfortable with has just been a negative. I realize there are other viewpoints on this but I , for one, have not accepted those viewpoints. Not trying to start a debate here . Im just stating why I am generally increasingly reluctant to post. I do look from time to time though and I do value the opinion of those who remain.