Images are downsized during upload

This image:

Was uploaded on Sept 8. The uploaded jpeg file is 1846 X 1520. After upload the displayed file is 930 x 1760 and the quality is clearly degraded. What is going on?

I uploaded a file just 5 days before that and it’s displaying as the original file. Looks like a software upgrade occurred at NPN in the interim. Please let me know what I can do to have my files visible at their native size.

Fixed it.

Looks like NPN has a size limit and downsizes images which are above it. It might be a good idea to state that somewhere during the upload. Perhaps a warning message should come up during the upload stating “Your image exceedes our size limit of ?”.

Yeah, I’d like a warning like that as well. A few times I didn’t realize I was a bit over the 3MB limit and so had to reload a new image.

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