Ohio Bluebells

Took this a few weeks ago out searching for wild flowers, conditions were perfect, but I made a few mistakes along the way. This is one image I was able to salvage…really wish I had the 100-400 when I was out shooting these, but that just gives me ideas for next spring.

Specific Feedback Requested

Open to all suggestions. The arching tree/leaves from the left is a bit distracting in my opinion. At least it leans into the picture and not out of it, but I would be open to your opinion and if you also find it distracting, is there anything I can do in post to help with that.

Colors look ok?

I tried to use the path to lead into the scene, rare that I have a “human” element involved, not opposed to it, but I don’t really look for it either.

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No

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The leaning tree is a very minor, to no distraction for me. In post, there’s usually 3 choices, crop, clone or burn. Crop doesn’t make sense here, cloning might be pretty hard to pull off (too much to do), and burning wouldn’t help since the leaning tree is already fairly dark (if it was bright it would be a real eye magnet). Your colors look fine, you kept the green a nice yellow/green that says spring. Sometimes it’s very tempting to turn greens into the Emerald City, but you avoided that trap.

This is one of those images that may also be worth evaluating a horizontal flip. I think it works either way, but the path has more of a left to right flow when flipped. This is pretty subjective, but something worth thinking about.

I did a flip, it is interesting for sure, @Ed_McGuirk . It’s one of those things I think I have to walk away from for a minute and come back because initially it hurts my brain :joy: I think it is because I know what the scene was, but I do really like the left to right flow that comes from flipping it. Thanks for the suggestion!