Thin branches bend over royal bluebells

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Technical Details

Is this a composite: No

    Nikon D850, F16,1/125,  Iso 800, 24-70 lens at70mm, handheld.
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You handled the strong lighting beautifully in this woodland scene. The spacing on the trees looks perfect and I always enjoy your haikus. I can appreciate how hard it is to find a reasonably clean forest scene while photographing bluebells as Mike and I had that experience a week or so back. It is rewarding when you can find one as is the case here. Nicely done.

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I’m just loving all of your flower images Ben. Looks like you had some strong light to deal with but the ones look good and the bluebells are lit nicely. The angle of the bells mimicks the angle of the bent branches. As Ed mentioned, it’s very hard to find a non chaotic scene when photographing these little beauties but you found a really nice foreground leading into the forest.

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Great job with the processing here Ben, the light and colors look very lush and vibrant. In looking at the smaller image initially, I thought the bending branch was a bit of a distraction. But after viewing the larger image, I actually like how the bending branch complements the strong diagonal line of the bluebells. My only suggested tweak would be to burn the LRC, so that is luminosity looks more like that of the LLC.

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