Olympic Mountain Alpenglow

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Image Description

First light of dawn highlights the rugged Olympic mountains while heavy ground fog hangs in the Elwha River valley obscuring the river below. Olympic NP contains these majestic mountains as well as the rain forests and coastal environments surrounding them.

Technical Details

Canon EOS 5D; Canon EF 70-200mm @ 200mm; f/8 @ 1/13 sec, +1 EV, ISO 200; Gitzo tripod, RRS BH 55; remote trigger

Specific Feedback

Whatever you think, positive or not.

Definitely positive Bob. Really loved that layered composition. The clouds below add that extra, essential layer that complements that magnificent view.

As a thought, I might try to play a bit with the warmness of the entire image, or of each layer separately. I’d expect the shadowed part to be cooler compared to the beautiful warm glow at the top. It’s probably a matter of taste though.

A well made image in my opinion, well done.

Thank you @mist_surfer for you comments. The underside of the clouds are reflecting the warm light onto the mountain. It is almost indistinct in the clouds in the valley.

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