On a foggy morning

It was a very calm misty morning on the last day of summer.

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A beautiful scene nicely captured, Ben. A beautiful backdrop for the early morning mist rising among the mills, and the reflections on the water complete the serenity of the scene. Very nicely done.

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Fascinating shapes on the windmills, with the second one in the back an important repetition. Lovely still water and soft pre-sunrise light. It makes me wonder what is in the far distance. Well done!

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You have a really nice mood in this image Ben, great use of blue hour light. There is a great sense of mystery here. And I love the repetition of the shapes of the windmills. You are certainly working the Polder theme to great advantage, it’s been interesting to see the variety of subjects that you have shown us.

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Wonderful treatment of those iconic shapes Ben. You did a great job with the composition, and the time of day and fog add so much. I’d love it if that car wasn’t in the image, and I suppose you could clone it out, but that’s a nit.

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