On the Beach

Doing what nature photographers do…
Tunnels Beach, Kauai
iso 100, 17-35 at 17 mm, f8, 500th, D700, handheld, ACR 10.5, topaz adjust, TK luminosity masks, TK sharpening action at 5%

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Very nice scene. It has an HDR feel to it. I like the green water in the midst of the white waves.

David, this is a great big grin scene, with the photog and the fine rainbow. You’ve got some good colors in the near beach water and the hillside. The high contrast sure has things popping, especially the tracks on the beach. BTW, those tracks look huge, was this guy related to big foot?? :wink:

David, a wonderful dynamic take on this scene. Rarely do we include H of M in any of our takes and we miss out on interesting items such as this view. I like it as it’s presented in the high key contrast as it seems to fit the overall point nicely…:sunglasses:

…sadly, I don’t think I have any beach photos to share…:disappointed_relieved: