On The Lookout

Sony A77II
Sony 70-400G @ 400mm
ISO 400, 1/1250 @ f8
Shortly after shooting my little anole friend this male Monarch perched on this wild onion flower. He was looking for eligible ladies cruising around the area and as luck would have it he found one just a few minutes later. I chased them around the garden as they went through their mating ritual until he literally picked her up and flew off the the butterfly version of the NoTel Motel :wink:. Modern optics and sensors continue to amaze me. I was probably 7-8 feet away and this is a pretty aggressive crop yet one can still see some details in the wing scales and the fir around the head. I also replaced the BG which was a concrete street. When I selected the color it left some speckles of the original which annoyed me initially but as I looked at it longer I kind of liked the texture. Well, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. All comments welcome. >=))>

Great story and good for you to stick with this fellow Bill. The detail in the butterfly is amazing and I do agree with you, I like the texture you’ve created in background. Really fun how these “happy accidents” happen sometimes.

Oh wow, Bill, this is nice. The wild onion made a nice perch for him, and that textured background makes him stand out nicely. You had pretty good success to get the anole and the Monarch in one shooting. It is fun when it works out like that.

Love the high key look that you created here Bill. I like the textured background so much that if you could make it even more apparent I think it would enhance the image even more. Modern sensors truly are amazing aren’t they? Well done.

Hi Bill, nice high key look and I like the composition here. Butterfly is well placed in upper left and I like the inclusion of the fairly long stem with the flower to the right.

Bill, the speckled, high-key background gives this a strong “illustration for a book or catalog” feeling. The details in the Monarch and the wild onion look very good. I like it.