Opinions on the Canon 250D close up lens/filter

This - https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/87491-REG/Canon_2820A001_58mm_250D_Close_up_Lens.html

I think some of you have this or the 500D and I think one or both of them may solve one of my first world problems. My mid-range telephoto is a wonderful lens - fast, sharp & compact. But it doesn’t focus very close. My macro lens is a short one and I’d like the perspective & blurrier backgrounds a longer macro would provide. I think this might be what I’m looking for, but I’d like some opinions first - especially from folks who use them on a similar lens - that would be a 70-200 in 35mm terms. Particularly if you were frustrated by having to back up a lot like I do.

I see B+W also makes something similar. I use that brand filter and like them very much. If you use those or another high-end glass manufacturer, I’m open to that as well.


I will now be one of those posters that have opinions on products that they never have tested, which in general I dislike, but I will give you my 2c since no one else is contributing.

The 250D and 500D have been around for ages, and in general, are well-reviewed. The 250D is in general made for shorter lenses (around 35-135mm on FF) so might suit your m43 70-200 best, but try both if you can. One might yield much better results.

I will also like to add one more option to the mix - Nisi has recently added a very well received close-up lens to their catalog. It’s also a much newer design than the canon ones so might be better just from that fact (no personal experience here either).

Personally I use raynox lenses (DCR-150 and DCR-250). These have excellent optical qualities and are cheap to boot. On a full-frame 70-200 they would probably vignette a lot, but on a m43 system they might very well work…

Regardless go for multi-element designs (single element ones normally have so-so optical quality) and if you can buy from a place where you can return the diopter if it does not “work” on your system. In my experience some lens+diopter combinations are wonderfully sharp and other matches can be a bit softer so try before you buy if you can.

Kris, you are walking down a path I have started just recently. I have the Canon 500D, and it does work on the 70-200 mm III Canon lens that I just purchased. I love how fast it focuses, and the sharpness of it, but, like you said, you can’t get close, it isn’t a macro lens. I have extension tubes, and they work, but you have to take the lens off to add, and off again to remove. Not convenient. So I tried the 500D, and got some decent shots. I don’t see a fall off on the edges, which some of the diopters can cause.

But, I just watched a video recently on YouTube done by B&H about the NiSi that @Ingemar_Holmkvist mentioned. It sounded good, and in fact, that is what got me trying my 500D. But the NiSi says it is 1:1 magnification at can get you to 20 cm of the subject on a 200 mm lens. I think it runs about $139, so it might be worth the try too.

As Ingemar mentioned, if you can try it, or even return it if dissatisfied wit the results, that might be good.

The raynox I have not used, but @Balan_Vinod has posted some pretty nice photos using it.

I wish you the very best in your decision. It is hard to know what to purchase, and no fun having stuff you paid good money laying around and you aren’t using it.

Thank you both so much for your detailed information and other options.

I looked at the Nisi sight and like what they are about, but I don’t know if the magnifying lens will be appropriate for m43. I’ll have to email and and ask I think. The magnification is very high and since my sensor will only cover part of the lens I have my doubts. It seems like too much magnification for my purposes.

Tried and true tech doesn’t bother me, but yeah, newer would be nice, too so I’ll keep looking.

What I’m trying to do is just get a little closer with my 35-100. As is I think 2.5 feet is the closest. That’s fine for my 100-400, but sometimes I keep having to back off. If I grab one, I’ll definitely get it from a place I can return or exchange it. Good thing to keep in mind.

I’m not familiar with Raynox, but I can always check it out. Thanks again folks!

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Hi Kristen,
I have just bought the NiSi close up lens but not yet tried it out. I use the Olympus mft systemand have a 40-150 mm telezoom lense. If you want, I can take some test shots and send to you if you just instruct me what to do.