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I love that green iguanas turn orange during mating season. In my travels in Costa Rica we would often pass this tree by a bridge over a river, the tree canopy was level with bridge and allowed for some closeups of these classic beasts.

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ISO 100, 150mm, f4.5, 1/320s

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Excellent detail where it counts, Christopher. The eye is awesome.
Thanks for the back story. I was there this past April, but that must not be breeding season, and I didn’t realize that they change colors like this.

Oh this is so nice. I love big old males. Well, in the wild. In captivity, as darling and cuddly as they are normally, breeding season makes them nuts. I sometimes had to lock my George in a room with a toy stuffed parrot so he could hump away. Outside of breeding season he was the color of old money, but turned this lovely orange when he became a hormonal nightmare. Luckily it didn’t last long and he’d be back to his laid back self.

Very cool profile of the beast. Awesome shot, Christopher.

Very cool close up with the excellent detail. I like the orange and green contrast.