Orange Sulphur

The orange sulphur is medium-sized butterfly with a wingspan of about 2 in, and can easily be confused with it’s relatives the clouded sulphur (C. philodice) and the western sulphur (C. occidentalis). Closely tied to pea family plants (Fabaceae), millions may swarm alfalfa fields becoming “pests” when conditions allow. This one is nectaring on Ironweed in my Oklahoma yard.

Specific Feedback Requested


Technical Details

Canon 60D, Canon 70-300mm IS USM @ 240mm, f/8, 1/4000 sec., ISO 1000. Processed in ACR and PSE 2020 for exposure and cropping. Topaz De-noise applied.

Hello Terry, I like the color, clarity, and detail. Great point of view. Brian

Terry, it’s a real beauty, and I love the colors of him and the flowers. I wish the partly oof flower on the left was less in focus. Not sure if you have the capability in ACR (been some years since I used it) to blur it a bit. Still, a lovely image.

Terry, the mix of Orange Sulpher and Purple Ironweed looks great. I could see this, with the camera tilted up and right just a bit. That would get all of that top and rightmost bits of flower in the frame and move the bf a bit lower and further left in the frame, adding a bit more dynamism to the viewing.

Hey, Mark. Thank you. Yeah, I loved the colors available to me in this photo. I’m trying to visualize your suggestion. Do you mean something more like this? This is a different image than the one I posted.

Terry, here’s what I’m thinking, using you’re second shot. I like having fully inclusion of the Ironweed bud. I think (but am less sure now) that getting the cut off bud on the right would be good. Although the cropped version that I’m uploading also works well in my opinion. What I like is the back and forth diagonal visual balance between the bf and the upper blossom.

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Gotcha. Very nice. I’m almost always guilty of wanting to leave too much “environment” in the frame. Thanks

I like what @Mark_Seaver did to this. Nice.


Terry, it’s not about how much environment, it about where the major attractors are placed, in this case, the bf and the upper ironweed bloom cluster. If you didn’t have that cluster, and only had the horizontal blooms, you’d want to frame it differently.

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