Oriental Darter preening

Specific Feedback Requested

Technical Details

Canon 6D II; 500 mm; 2X; ISO 1250; 1/1000 sec. at F 10.

Oriental Darter preening


Great detail. Looks like an Anhinga. We get tons of those. I also always like the unusual poses or action shots. Maybe a little more space on the bottom, but that’s being VERY picky.

Like to see this one in black and white. The elements for a good black and white seem to be there.

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Superb background colors to match the colors of the bird. Awesome and unusual pose with great eye contact. The pumage has really good detail as well. Maybe just a little more room all around but that is the tiniest of nits. Beautiful capture Jagdeep!

Wow, what a great photo. The lines and gesture of the bird are superb. :+1:

This is very nicely done, Jagdeep. Since it’s quite a oddly shaped bird, the few times I have seen the bird, I found it difficult to portray it in a nice way. This pose nailed it ! Not sure of you have it, but a bit more space around the bird would be welcome, but other than that a very nice shot ! Cheers, Hans

Hi J Rajput
Thank you for posting a bird I will probable never see in the wild. The detail, coloring and framing are great. Nice work.

Great pose, Jagdeep. Darters/Anhingas are one of my favorites. The pose is ideal for the interesting physique of these birds and image quality is first rate. You can’t beat that lovely golden background.