Osprey food fight

While standing on a dock along Florida’s St. Johns river last month, I watched an Osprey catch a fish only to have a 2nd Osprey swoop down and try to steal it. I very politely asked the two birds to come around a second time so that I could get both bird’s head as well as the fish showing clearly in the same frame. Sadly, they didn’t listen…

7D2, 100-400 IS II @ 400 mm, 1/2000 s, f/5.6, iso 180, 73% of FF

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.

Fantastic action, Mark. Even though we can’t see the head of the other bird, but the talons kinda make up for it. I am not familiar with Florida but I’ve seen a few pictures where the water also looks murky. Is that a common thing there?

Mark, this is a fine capture. Well, maybe they didn’t listen, but it’s great that you got the open beak of one and those deadly open talons. Also you got a good view of the fish. You should be happy with it… I’m guessing the lead bird was the winner?

Mark, a super in flight action shot here. The first thing that grabbed me was the amazing talons on the guy on the attempted take away here. I bet those things would smart if it landed on your arm…Ouch !


Great action, Mark and that’s a really nice fish. No wonder the other bird wanted it. Too bad your models wouldn’t take direction, but this is still a really cool image.

Nice behavioral capture Mark - that is quite a prize they are fighting over.

Adhika, the grey water is mostly the reflection of a lightly overcast sky. As we explored the creeks flowing into the river many of them were clear enough to easily see the bottom, more than 10 feet below.

An excellent food fight with super detail and excellent action.

Nice classic scene of a osprey flight fight… Yes, pity they are not seen from the front but… this one is nice as well, and the talons make for it.