Our version of a white Christmas + RP

And State 2 as per suggestions below.

In between very welcome rains we’re getting a lot of foggy mornings, and this was the view this morning. (It’s looking like we may have a normal rainfall winter after worries about a LaNina ocean warming pattern bringing another drought year.)

Specific Feedback Requested

All comments welcome!

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Canon R5, 100-500 at 100, ISO 400, f/9, 1/25 sec. 4 shots in vertical orientation stitched together in LR. (Didn’t need that many but more is better than too few.) Then only a slight crop from the sides. Into PS for denoise and a few very small cloning spots and local adjustments.

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I’m really glad to hear that the threat of drought might be alleviated (but for how long, sigh). I love this kind of image and you’ve done this one justice. The colour is very subtle, which lends it that mood of quiet that is so much a part of mist-shrouded mornings. But what I love best is the fractal branching where every limb becomes increasingly complex the further it get from the trunk. The subtle highlights add and make the image more readable as does the upper middle section that is exposed to the bare sky. The one thing that I’m finding slightly undermines the overall balance of the image is the dark branches from the nearby tree in the lower left - almost but not quite balanced by the dark limbs, lower right. Maybe bringing up the darks in the llc would help.

A fine foggy look at this stately tree. I like the mood and understated presentation. Kerry’s suggestion for the LLC might work nicely, too.

I have often wished for a white Christmas. We’re certainly not going to get one this year. 96.8 on the temperature gauge today. The good side to this is we’re currently enjoying the rainfall that La Nina brings.

The image has a very serene feel and I’m really liking the limited colour palette. The lichens are just beautiful.

Thanks guys! @Kerry_Gordon and @Harley_Goldman, that corner was bugging me too, but I didn’t think there was enough tonal separation to do much more than I had, which was just a lower contrast area. But now I’ve tried a TK mask and was delighted that a Darks 4 selected that darker leaves strongly enough that I could do a masked curves and lighten them quite a bit. I darkened the LR more for some balance and did some low-opacity cloning near the bottom edge. I posted it above. I think it’s a definite improvement!

And thanks @glennie! That tree is one of your Red Ironbarks – it’s pretty, but has an uncanny knack for being in the way of compositions. I’m SO happy you’re getting some much-needed rain down there!!!

The adjustment nicely does the trick on the repost.

Rework perfection!!!

Diane, I am with Kerry about the rework. I would love to have your foggy mornings than you can get my many rainy days. An image with that special feel not an every day image.

What a beautiful canopy! I don’t have a preference between the two versions and may actually like the original. Oh fog. We are past the fog for this season unless we get another really major warming trend.

Moody and mysterious; I love this Dianne. Your subtle tweaks in your repost have hit the sweet spot for me as it is a little brighter, while still retaining the moody atmospherics in the original scene. The stately character of that main tree with it’s branches extending outwards is quite lovely Fingers crossed you folks out west get some much needed rains.