Outer Limits - WC856

This dry wash scene was photographed near the White Tank area of Joshua Tree NP during the winter. Although the park is filled with dry wash areas they become quite filled with water and flash-flooding during the monsoonal seasons. The pano was a two horizontal stitched image with a medium format camera.

Mamiya RB67 ProSD - Mamiya “C” 37mm lens - Velvia 50

Very nice landscape with some unique features! Excellent exposure and seamless stitching. That’s got to be a pretty large image with two medium format photos! Well done, Paul!

Paul, this looks great, with some fine gentle light and excellent rock formations. I like how the rocks lead in from the lower left to the central rocks catching some first light. There also a fine collection of clouds in the sky.

I swear I left a comment yesterday. It’s the thought that counts, right? :wink:

Beautiful capture and image from JT Paul. I especially like the wash as it leads the eye right in to the frame and all the interesting geology, light and color. Great job on the stitch. I always thought it was an impressive accomplishment stitching scanned film images - but then technically there’s no difference if they were from a dslr… Color and processing right on. I could see this one hanging on a wall.


I like this a lot. I’ve very calming and there is lots for the eyes to explore.