Overwhelming yellow and light colors

I was in a prairie land today that was filled with yellow wild flowers and monarch butterflies. The conditions were breezy and over cast. I was using a Canon T5i with a Sigma 150-600 C. Settings were 800 ISO , F 6.3 and shutter 1/800. The yellow flowers take away from the monarch in the photos. How can I fix this in Photoshop elements or in camera while taking the photo?
Thanks for your help, I have a lot to learn.

In the simplest solution you would drop the yellow saturation and boost the oranges. It would be best if you showed the image. If the image has yellow or orange in other subjects then it becomes more complicated to isolate the two subjects of interest. But basically you want to emphasize and deemphasize using color intensity.

Feel free to post the photo in this thread so we can get a better idea. I find the Selective Color adjustment to work wonders in these situations, not sure if Elements has it though. Also you can use the Color Range tool to create a layer mask for the Hue/Saturation adjustment to target very specific colors.

Please give me some information on how to post a photo.

Sure, just click reply and then click the Upload button as shown below

Brian: I don’t think there was anything you could have done in camera that would have made a significant difference. In Post processing there is. I’m not completely familiar with what Photoshop Elements can do versus Photoshop so I’ll describe what can be done in Photoshop and hopefully you can translate to Elements.

Make a color range selection of the yellow flowers. It does a good job of just getting the yellow flowers. Create a Hue/Saturation adjustment layer with that selection active. That will create a mask of the selected yellow flowers on the layer. Desaturate the flowers to taste. I also added a curves adjustment layer with the same mask to slightly darken the flowers. I don’t know that this is an improved image, but hopefully it answers your question about one option to work the issue in post processing.

PS: I pulled the image from your post in Macro Critiques


Sometimes a slight white balance adjustment can do the trick too.

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Having seen this now, I think the butterfly stands out quite well. The yellow flowers have a flatter light than the butterfly. I would crop some off the bottom and off the left side to have the butterfly take up more of the screen. IE make the butterfly stand out by removing some of the background.