Palmetto and Pine

This photo is from 2010. It wasn’t my intention to post old photos at this point, having just rejoined NPN. But this week and next week I am in North Carolina again, this time to help with care for my BIL, who has advanced ALS that was just diagnosed in November. None of my new photos from this week match Parallel Lines very well, and so I got this old one from Google Photos to post. I did reedit it according to my current editing practice.

Specific Feedback Requested

General feedback.

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
I think the way I used to export files didn’t include the metadata, so I don’t have the metadata for this one.


Barbara, this is a very pleasing image. To me the foreground looks good, you have cropped the trees at the right height, the light gives a nice mood and the most important you have placed your self in the correct position for the tree trunks to line up perfectly.

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Barbara, this is an excellent view. Those pine trunks seem like they rise up forever. Your processing both on the pines and on the vegetation at the bottom lets those parts stand out well. The drama here is quite surprising given that this is “just a group of tall pines”… :grin:

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The horizontal format suits the vertical lines of the tree trunks perfectly, Barbara. The framing looks spot on to me with just the right amount of FG to compliment the trees. Beautiful image.

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I love this! It looks like a pencil drawing! Beautiful!

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