Panther Creek Cascade with repost

Panther Creek MRNP-
Please critique for sharpening. I’ve been having issues with USM in PS recently. (See my post in the post processing discussion group.) Thank you for your input.

Nikon D750
Zeiss 50mm/f2 w/cp
f22@1 sec
ISO 0.7?

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.

Looks like a over sharpened out of focus image? a low rez file? Something’s going on.
Your lens could be less sharp at f22 than wider open.

Why f22? Were you using it to get a longer exposure?

OK it was probably a poor decision to post these particular files. I took a facebook post saved to phone the posted to NPN. I just reactivated my membership after a long absence…previously small files were the norm for posting I suppose I should browse the new posting criteria. I don’t think f22 is the biggest part of the issue. Read my post in the post processing discussion group.

Beautiful photo…but yes, a bit oversharpened here in this web version at this size. My favorite web sharpening extensions: TK Web Sharpen (TK7 currently) by @Tony_Kuyper and the Web Sharpener Panel by Andreas Resch.

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@Sean_Bagshaw has some good suggestions. I sometimes use TK’s actions. I also use an action I worked up in PS with ideas from Marc Adamus and Steve Perry. There are plenty of videos on youtube about web sharpening techniques. I will read your group discussion.


It’s a nice image from a composition perspective, but it looks exactly like what it is, a low resolution file that’s been over-sharpened. The image sizes at NPN 2.0 allow for much larger files, and they display beautifully. You should take a look at the new posting requirements, and size images accordingly, your images deserve to be presented at their best.

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Bruce, this is a peaceful, inviting scene that deserves careful treatment. It’s easy to imagine sitting here, enjoying the sounds and the view.

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Thanks for the thoughtful responses. Here is the recent problem I’ve been having. I resize the file then open USM, sharpen to my liking but when I close out USM the image immediately goes soft almost as if I had never sharpened it, not reverting completely to it’s unsharpened state but almost. So it has become a guessing game as to how much to over sharpen to get the results I want after closing USM…impossible really. So I’m not doing anymore editing until I get this resolved. I posted the issue on the Adobe CC forum and on the NPN post processing forum and I think the best advice was to reinstalll PS.


Not withstanding the sharpening issues (hope you get that resolved!) I just wanted to comment that I think this is a lovely image. You’ve captured the nature of the area with the thick forest, rocky canyon and the gentleness of the stream flowing through. I don’t think the overall colors, saturation and processing in general are impacted by the sharpening, so it’s safe to say this is processed beautifully.

Keep us posted in that thread any findings or resolution.


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For web sharpening, try this very very simple technique.
Go to image size> multiply final image size x 3 ( for example 1600 pixels wide x 3 = 4800 )>sharpen 2 or 3 times ( not USM, use sharpen ) > resize image to final output size.

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Very lovely composition, Bruce - with every element contributing to the overall effect. I have sharpening issues myself - this is maybe a touch over sharp but I still like the image a lot.

I tried this method Michael. It had zero effect on the image. As I said earlier the sharpening filters in PS are simply not working. A few weeks ago they all worked perfectly. My next step is to reinstall photoshop.

Thanks for trying it out. Thought it was worth a shot. Hope you get your problem fixed.

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I have removed old preferences and reinstalled PS and still have the same problems with the sharpening filters. I have pretty much given up using PS for sharpening at this point. I have looked at the Andreas Resch script and will give it a try. For now though I’ve uploaded a copy of the image sharpened with the NIK Output Sharpener. Although still not fully satisfied it is a first attempt with this tool and it’s considerably better than the results I was getting with PS. Thoughts?