Parting Shot At Mesquite Dunes

After climbing to the top of the dunes in an evening wind, I was exhilarated by my first time there, and was dog tired as I lugged my gear and self toward the car hours later after sunset. I saw this scene and tried to ignore it, but it would not let me do that. The colorful sky is from blowing sand and smoke from a fire in the Sierras to the west. I ended up getting low to the ground and taking some exposures, two of which were exposure blended for this. I was even more exhilarated, as taking this was a fine experience.

Specific Feedback Requested

As with all the other images this year, I have greatly appreciated the thoughtful comments from my NPN friends. Happy New Year!

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Exposure blend of 2 exposures
Canon 5DIII EF 24-105mm at 45mm 1/8 sec f/14 ISO 200
Photoshop to increase warmth and contrast. History brush used. TK7 to select and dodge some deep shadows.


Great photo! I especially love the composition which has dueling sets of opposing diagonal lines of sight:

Tony, how nice to hear from you. Your thoughtfully expert coaching about composition is always embraced. I hope 2022 treats you well.

Thank you. It is a great community to be in…

Dick, this looks great. I too like the angled comp. with the cracked mud balancing the setting sun and the zig-zag of the shrubs (mesquite??). The series of ridges fading into the distance keeps my eyes moving back and forth.

Thanks Mark. Useful comments. I think it is my all time best print.

I can see why you like this so much, Dick. Sweet scene.

So glad you decided to stop and capture this scene, Dick. It was well worth the time and effort even though you were tired. The colors look perfect and I love all the diagonal lines you created in the image. I have no suggestions.

A gorgeous image, and such a typical scene there! The smoky sky is a special, if heart-rending, touch. It also shows the powerful winds that can develop across the Sierra.

I can relate to your description of being exhausted tramping out of the dunes well after sunset. People need snowshoes out there.