Path of Least Resistance

Rivers and streams always follow the path of least resistance when flowing from source to culmination.

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Love the image and your thoughts on “the path of least resistance” David. Also like how you’ve exposed for the stream, there’s a soft flowing feel but still has some texture. The composition and colors give the whole scene a quite feeling, for me. Wonderful capture.

An interesting take on the theme, David! Path of least resistance for the water going downstream but could be the path of most resistance for the hiker/photographer going upstream :wink: It’s a peaceful, pleasing scene and I can hear the rushing of the water and the louder sound of the waterfall.

Wonderful composition of curved elements and squiggly lines. It feels like the color cast is a bit on the magenta side.

David, it seems that I missed this post. I really like the “visual swing” that the white water creates. That eye movement is enhanced nicely by the rock wall and it’s interesting covering.