Peanut Thief

I am enjoying the challenge of getting some flying action shots of birds grabbing peanuts that I’ve set out with my new Z9. Here’s one that shows off their stunning wing feathers.

Specific Feedback Requested

This guy was not very far off so it is a fairly tight crop. This was all the space on the right to fly into that I had. Does it work?

Technical Details

Z9, Nikon 200-500 lens, monopod, 1/1600th, 300mm, ISO 800, Topaz Photo AI, cropped to 1560 x 1120


A nice image of a Steller’s Jay in flight. I could see a bit more room on the bottom, but the right seems okay as the eye looks at the viewer.

I like the cropping, but I think the texture of the dark branches and leaves in the background compete for attention with the bird. If those shadow areas were a bit lighter, something that should be pretty easy to do, then I think it would be a much stronger image.

How’s this?


Great shot and moment to capture! The crop doesn’t bother me. My eye is drawn to the left wing, it looks unsharp, not sure of what F stop you used or if there was something in the way? the colors are great!

Now that’s a mouthful. Cute head cock also. I really like the down swept wing position but the bird is competing too much from the branches and leaves in the background. This would be an an even more awesome shot had that tree not been there. Beautiful bird, Dave!

This is a great action shot Dave and shows off the beautiful colors on this bird. Enough space on the right, a little tight at the bottom but that’s just a nitpic. Like the details too…catchlight in his eye.

Yeah, I had too much glass for the close subject matter and I had it backed out all the way. I really didn’t have any more real estate at the bottom to use. Just one of those things…

A fun shot, Dave. I like the angle of the bird and the wing spread out in the foreground.