Pearl in the Foliage

I have always made images of the passion flower in the wild, and have never been satisfied. This one with a little foliage around

6DII, 180 Macro, ISO800, f11, 1/500

Balan Vinod

Very good detail and rendition of this little flower! Really no nits as to the flower, but you might want to crop in a tad and darken the green leaves a bit.

Balan: Beautiful flower. We have passion flowers in our garden and the BG is always busy. I like this wider view. My only suggestion would be to crop it a tiny bit tighter to get rid of the partial bud on the upper left border and maybe crop so that the flower is not so centered although I’m OK with this symmetrical presentation. >=))>

So different from the usual closeup presentations. I enjoy the environment surrounding the very sharp (in-focus) flower. Nicely done.