Pholiota sp.

Critique Style Requested: Standard

The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


possibly flammens since there are ring remnants on the stipes and they’ve turned this rusty color. Loved this trio - I found them in my yard and I can’t remember finding any Pholiota species here before. They’re fruiting on a live tree which is a hallmark of this species as is the shaggy stipe below a ring remnant and the flakes of universal veil on the cap. They are almost in full decay, but still hanging on. Taken in early October. This is an 8 image stack.

Specific Feedback

Stack look ok? Processing thoughts?

Technical Details


Lr for initial processing to get all shots in the same shape - contrast, color, exposure and texture adjusted as well as white balance. Zerene for the stack which needed more retouching than I thought, but I got it done with a DMap base image and details added from source photos and the PMax stack. The TIF needed more work in Lr to bring back some richness and I used a combination of global and local adjustments to exposure, blacks and clarity. Also used the Point Color tool on just the mushrooms using the Object Select mask. A slight crop to eliminate a distraction in one corner.


I don’t see any problems with the stack, Kris. I’m surprised it had significant issues since it doesn’t look too badly layered. I really like the composition and the rich tones of the mushrooms. I also like that you didn’t go quite all the way to the tree behind the mushrooms with your stack which helps give a bit of depth to the image.

I tried using the point color tool with a mask a while back and it ended up wanting to affect the entire image despite the mask-I need to figure out what I was doing wrong as it’s a handy tool.

Cool the way they are growing! Wonderful rusty colors and a slightly ragged texture to match. The stack looks fine to me.

Kris: As soon as I saw the thumbnail I suspected this was yours. Terrific find and a really nice capture and presentation. I especially like the textures of the mushrooms and the tree bark. Most excellent. >=))>

Wonderful! Such rich texture and color.

Thanks @Dennis_Plank, @Diane_Miller, @Bill_Fach & @Ronald_Murphy - mushroom season got off to a slow start, but I did get in some shots eventually. They do sort of glow, don’t they? This species is especially photogenic due to their vivid color and crusty texture.

Weird about the Point color behavior, I’ve been using it well with masks so far.