Photo banner for galleries

I’m getting tired of seeing the same strip of three or four images as the header for the galleries on the main community page. Is there some way to mix them up? Perhaps make them a random selection now that there are enough images to do that?

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I’m afraid that’s not an easy task, I have to manually put those together in Photoshop, upload a new file and manually change the path. They are only there to add a little pizazz and are the winners from POTY last year so I only plan on updating them yearly. It may be something we can look at in the future to automate what is seen here.

You may consider changing your default view to either Latest or New so you’re not seeing the categories page by default. To do this go to your Preferences and change the Default Home Page setting.

I was wondering about this, too. It would be nice to rotate those images, but given the time and effort involved in doing so, I am good with the way it is.

I like the ‘Community’>Categories page. It has a nice look, and I like the splashes of color that is added by the images in the left column.

I wouldn’t recommend using NEW as a default. You only get to see an image once and it never shows up again in your list. So if you liked an image you have to search elsewhere for it. That’s particularly difficult because you have to remember that such an image even existed and who remembers all the past images. For a casual user of NPN who doesn’t study images but just wants to see what’s new since he/she left NEW is appropriate but I often go back to same image during one session.

I tried the NEW setting for about 20 minutes, then went back to the default, Igor.

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