Pictures from Snowmagedan

Pine Warbler

Dark-eyed Junco

Carolina Wren

Northern Cardinal

Critique Style Requested: Standard

The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


The snow and frigid temps hit West Tennessee last night. I tried some set up shots in the backyard this morning. I’m not used to snow, ten degree temps with wind chill of -3.

Specific Feedback

Any comments appreciated

Technical Details

Canon R7, Sigma 150-600 Contemporary, tripod
ISO 2500, f9, 1/250s

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For not being used to snow, you did a great job on the exposure, Allen. All of these are fine images. The tiny bit of snow on the warbler’s bill is a nice touch as is the open beak of the junco.

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Welcome to mt world. I finally had to pull out the gloves as Winter hit hard in Michigan. High key presentation looks good for all the images. The Carolina wren is my favorite in the series. They show toughness and add some warmth to any cold winter’s day. Great job on getting these…Jim

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My advise is to try and stay warm as this front will pass! Being in Texas we are enjoying some of the same frontal system I think. Your series of bird images from “snowmagedan” are wonderful! Colors and detail and spot on! Nicely done.

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Good color and detail in all. I like the high key aspect. Great series of backyard birds in the snow.

Really nice series Allen! You did a great job with the exposure…especially not being used to a snowy background. Great detail as well in all subjects.

All are wonderful!! It’s been in the low to mid 50s here but the humidity makes it feel much colder. I haven’t been taking time to hang out at the feeders when the light is good – need to fix that!

Terrific set, Allen! Feather detail on all of them is fantastic. I think my favorite is the cardinal but it’s really a toss up. That’s one bountiful perch you’ve got there. That wren looks cold. Love the snow on the perch. It tells a story. Great job, Allen!