Portable storage to back up photos while traveling

I am going on a trip in a few weeks and want to pack light. Can anyone recommend portable storage for me to take to back up my photos? I do not want to take a computer. I am using a Canon Rebel T5i so I cannot transfer wirelessly to the portable storage.
Thank you for your help.

This may not help you specifically so I apologize for that, but my solution could be useful for others.

I used to take my laptop with me on trips and would backup semi regularly, and I got tired of lugging it around. Now, since my camera has two SD card slots, I have it mirror my shots to each card so I have a backup in case a card fails. When the card gets full (or whenever I feel like it). I store the two cards in separate places. Unfortunately your camera does not have two slots, I think.

I looked into other solutions a while ago but honestly didn’t find anything super great. There were a couple of backup devices that were pretty expensive and got pretty mixed reviews that could copy an SD card or import data from an SD card.

I would really like to know how others approach this problem.

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Several years ago I purchased the predecessor to this device. It has been a very solid device to travel with. Things I like: Can import directly from either CF or SD cards. Can usually import about 10 full 32 gb cards on one battery charge. Screen is OK, but certainly nothing great for review, but wifi in the unit allows you to connect your smart phone, iPad for better image review. But the screen is comforting to know that your backup was successful. You can see thumbnails, or view individual images larger if desired. You can do incremental backups, so if you’ve backed up a card once, then re-inserted into your camera to keep shooting, you can do an incremental backup of just the new images. You can copy from this device to another external hard drive without the need of a computer. The current version of this device charges via USB. Plug into your smartphone charging block and charge away.

Things I don’t like: interface is pretty clunky, but hey, it does its’ job. The pricing structure from Sanho is ridiculous. The link I’m providing here is for an empty case which runs about $250. There are other versions with drives in them. For example a 1TB drive in this device sells for $648 which means they are charging about $400 for a 1TB drive. That is just ridiculous, Don’t do that!! Just buy a 2 1/2 inch laptop drive, open the empty case (2 screws) and slide it into the connectors. Format the drive using the interface in the device and away you go. A 1TB laptop drive is about $67 (link below). If you really want to get fancy, you can buy a Solid State Drive that works as well. More money, faster, but hey, its’ a backup so who cares if it takes a few more minutes.

After a trip I just think of this device as one giant memory card and import all of the backed up cards into LightRoom directly from this device.

I got this device because of the hassles of traveling with a laptop. If I’m not teaching when I travel, I no longer take a laptop since I have this device to backup images.

Here’s the links. I have no affiliations with B&H, Sanho or Western Digital.



Thanks for the write-up Keith! That is one of the devices I was referring to. It makes me feel better that you recommend it.

Thank you Keith for the write up. I am thinking that I will just take my chances or purchase a backpack that can haul my computer and take that along. Lowepro has a good one at one of the large camera stores and on line. I appreciate your help.

Thank you for your help Brent, apologies are not necessary. I always learn something.

I have been using a Sanho ColorSpace for years. I bought the empty case and added my own 650 GB laptop HD. While I still like it and use it a lot, if I were to buy another I would get something that doesn’t show the images. We travel with a lap top so we could transfer to an external HD for our second back up. That said, the Sanho ColorSpace has performed well for many years and has been all over the world without issue. Therefore no need to replace now.

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WD makes a 1 TB wifi drive that you can insert your SD card into and it will automatically backup without needing a computer. We started using them on our last trip and it’s pretty handy. Also compact.

I always take my laptop. Then I have (2) 4 TB Seagate portable drives that were about $115 each. I clear cards and back-up to each of them most nights. One goes in my luggage during the trip, then into my carry-on to go home (close and safe).
The second goes in my husband’s carry on.
They are small and light, the size of a deck of cards and easily held the 15,000 images I recently took in Australia…

Had an unusual, even funny, reason to be happy I travel with portable drives (4) . Got to our winter home in Florida and discovered the recharge cords for my bicycle lights were in another state. Ratzensnagglebegrats!!! :wink: Sorted through the snake’s nest of cords in my briefcase and suitcase, and the cords from two of those drives saved the day.

Buy the spare drives. And relish the “spare” cords. :grin:

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Thanks for asking the question, and a big thanks to those who answered it!!!
My laptop is huge, and I would not take it on a trip, so I am interested in other options.
Thanks so much for sharing your experiences.
And Hank…what can I say? Don’t you just love a jumble of cords?