Portrait of a hidden fern

On a recent walkabout here in Texas, my eye was drawn to this anonymous fern. Making the portrait of this beautiful plant has been one of a handful of very personal photography experiences for me. I was tempted to take the image into photoshop to do more focused processing but my instinct won out and it’s very gently edited in Lightroom only. I realize that not everything is in focus and it doesn’t bother me at all. Any cc welcome of course.

Thanks for letting me share this with you all.

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I love the beautiful light on the gentle cascade of the fern. You might consider burning down the light bits in the LLC, on those straight-line features. To my eye they are a bit jarring. Just an nit, though. This is lovely.

Ah, yes. It’s good to hear another perspective. I did burn down a few of those bits. Thanks!!

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I like the light on the fern. In the overall image, I think it looks gentle. Does anyone else see a face/image of a person in the ground below/lower left, or is it just me? It jumped right out to me.

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OOoh! Creepy! So interesting so hear what other’s see in an image!

@Brie_Stockwell - I was trying not to think it was creepy, but it kind of was. :slight_smile: I wondered if it was there intentionally, but it wasn’t mentioned.

Karla :iphone:

I hadn’t seen the face before you mentioned it and now I can’t unsee it! THIS is why it’s good to post images for review. I pulled it into PS and did a little D&B. Hopefully the new edit is less “distracting”. LOL!

It’s definitely less distracting in the overall image. It really is actually quite fascinating with the “face” there too. A very interesting picture, although I know that’s not what you wanted to showcase. :slight_smile:

Brie, this is an excellent look at this fern. The lighting show off the fern well while the way it hangs from the ridge lets it stand out well from the background. I too think that burning in the rocks in the lower left lets the ferns stand out more. I think your final version does a good job of showing off the ferns while letting the surroundings play a supporting role.

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Thanks Mark! I’m trying to train my brain/eye to notice more of the distractions in my images. It’s so nice to have this community to help give a different perspective.