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I’ve just noticed that I can no longer edit the title of an image after it has been posted and reposted. With the archive site, one can add “RP” or “and repost” to the title to encourage viewers to return to the image and see the changes.

Sometimes after posting, one sees something in an image that needs to be corrected such as a dust spot, etc. This is clearly before anyone comments on the image. What I found, was that I am unable to delete and replace an image that doesn’t quite look right when first posted. Yes I can flag it and request that it be removed within 24 hours but viewers will see the original less than satisfactory image. With the archive site, it was instantaneous meaning that one could immediately remove and replace an image before there had been comments.

Thanks, David

Hi David, right now there is a setting that allows you to edit a post one hour after it was posted. I can change this, how much time do you feel is adequate for this?

Can’t speak for David, but one should be able to edit the title whenever, no time limit. for example, maybe a week goes by and you receive some feedback. You make changes and repost the new image in the same thread. It was an unwritten, but helpful idea to add “+RP” or “repost” in the edited title to let folks know there was a new modification.

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On this site however, you can create a reply yourself with a modified image (the repost) and it immediately migrates to the top of the Latest stack. That would cause me to go back and look if I had looked at an image and provided input. On the old site, it is wherever it was. Adding Repost required people to intentionally go looking through all of the thumbnails for the title (and the titles were very limited in length) to find RP or Repost. I don’t see an issue with the title.

Not a big deal at the end of the day Keith. And we all view and review images in different ways. Still way early here, but just because an image post goes back to the top in the “Latest” view, doesn’t mean I go back and look; most of the time it’s a new comment. If there was any way to indicate the OP re-worked the image, that would be helpful. Again, not a huge deal.

This is an interesting thread that I’ll watch. If it’s possible, seems a good thing for an author to edit a new post. I always make a quick review after posting. I would vote for, say, a few hours to be able to edit/delete if it doesn’t bog things down.

I support the idea of being able to edit your own title. For any purpose.

WIn the past, it was possible to make changes to the text without limitations and I would like to see that continue. I would say allow one 30 to 60 minutes to repost the image regardless of comments. I say this because there were very rare times where I got a comment within 5 minutes of a posting, before I could make changes. It is not unusual for me to spend 30 minutes in post processing.

As long as we are discussing the topic of reposts, it would be nice if we could easily flip back and forth between images as we could in the previous iterations of NPN.

I have made a change so anyone can edit their own post within a month of posting, this should cover any revisions made, then it becomes more of an archive.

As I described previously I cannot change this, so you will have to flag a post if you want it deleted, still the best option is to edit the post. If someone happens to reply in that time just reply to them to let them know the image has been updated.

I agree this would be nice, but likely not possible in this software. I will take a look into the idea though.

@David_Schoen - I’m not sure I understand what you mean here. If there was a repost on the old system, it was embedded in the comments and one could scroll up and down to see the original vs. the repost. The same model is present here. Are you referring to something else on flipping back and forth between images?

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Keith, in the archived NPN, if one clicks on an image that has a repost, a “right pointing arrow” brings one to the repost. A “left pointing arrow” Brings one back to the original post. So one can flip back and forth between images.

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I see what you’re saying. Actually if you were to edit the original post and add the revised image to the original rather than replying you do have this feature. For example if you lightbox an image in this post (I know it’s not a repost but go with me here) you can then flip between the images, they just have to be in the same post. This would take some education to get users used to this.

Thanks David.

The old way was quite seemless; change is difficult. I am sure we will figure it out.

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