Pronghorn sunrise

We were in the west side of the Colorado mountains looking for moose. We had many more pronghorn sightings than moose. Pronghorn, one of my favorites, seem to be in the breeding season as there were many sightings ob bucks chasing does.

Specific Feedback Requested

I had to remove a single strand of barb wire in processing. I though about leaving it in, but decided to take it out.

Comments on composition and color, as well as leaving the wire in.

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Canon R5, 1/250 @ F-32 ISO 6400. Canon RF 100-500mm at 500mm. Hand held.

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Love the silhouette against glorious skies!
You may like to take slight canvas off from the bottom.

Thank you, I had not thought of doing it. Will give it a try.

John, I wanted to compliment you on the sky. It’s such a great mix of a soft color palette with the right tonal spread. You must’ve been pretty happy to find a subject to compose in front of it.

I too love the sillouett and the sky shades, but maybe a little bit of detail in the foreground?