Puffed Pipers

A flock of Rock Sandpipers settling in for the long night as the sun goes down (~2:00 PM) on a cold February Day at Valdez, Alaska. They huddled up on the edge of the tide water which was still coming in so they were continually rotating from back to front. They were all puffed up like little fluff balls due to the cold.

Sony a6500, SEL100400GSM @ 400 mm, ISO-250, f/8.0, 1/2000, hand held.

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I like this a lot, Gary. Even though it concentrates on just a few birds, it still manages to convey the idea of a large flock by the mere density of the ones pictured. I like the low light and the way it brings out the plumage in the two main subjects.

Very well done.

Gary, the spot lighting and focus on the two works well here. I’m fascinated at how both the shape and the color of that rock beside them mimics the birds (or is it the other way around…:wink:).