Gadwall Express

Two male Gadwall Ducks following a female as they depart the tide flats at Valdez, Alaska. It was the end of March but the mountains were still covered in snow (as usual) which made for a bright background.

Specific Feedback Requested

All feedback is appreciated.

Technical Details

Sony a6500, FE100400GM @ 367mm (550mm w/crop factor), ISO-160, f/5.6, 1/4000, hand held.

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Wow, Gary! Exposing for the scene must have been tough. You have created a beautiful image with tack-sharp subjects and a background that enhances these birds. The colors and framing are top-notch, too.

@Gary_Minish - This is a lovely image. The birds are great, but what really makes this image is the inclusion of the environment and not trying to crop it down to one bird in the frame. This is a very special image and a great example of how to create artistic avian images.

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