Re-Post Borrego Palm Canyon

I appreciate the on-point suggestions from @Kerry_Gordon @Tony_Kuyper @Igor_Doncov @Mario_Cornacchione @David_Haynes . After working those into the image, I ended up with this version which seems to emphasize the textures that I enjoy and avoids the complications of color.

This is the color version before BW conversion

My first trip with my 2006 Digital Rebel xTi took me to this popular trail in Anza Borrego Desert State Park. The grasses fascinated me, as did the stream and terrain, so I tried to get it all in one photo. I had not learned about focus stacking then, which would have been appropriate for this scene. Been tinkering with this image off and on for years, today with Enhance and modern sharpening tools. Grass was blowing in the breeze.

Specific Feedback Requested

For me, the composition lines work pretty well, almost tying the many elements together. Your thoughts?

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Digital Rebel xTi (8MP), Tokina 12-24 at 13mm, 1/500, f7.1, ISO 200 (about max for that camera)


Feels very weird to me, Dick. The clouds are bright and super sharp while the mid and foreground is muted and soft. Just doesn’t feel right, sort of backwards.

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Dick love the composition but I agree about the lack of focus stacking.

Dick. One thing I might suggest would be to raise the darker greens in the fg bush. It’s really the central point of focus yet it looks as though it’s in shadow. Meanwhile many of the bg objects are brighter than it. I do think the sky looks natural in its brightness and texture. There isn’t a lot of it though.

Will try that. I was so involved with brightening the flowering heads that I played down the grass leaves.

Beautiful Canyon here Dick. What immediately caught my attention was the Greens. I think they are too saturated making them jump out all across the scene. Other than that, I like the image. There is some motion blur though. The person standing in the left portion of the frame is pretty blurring and you were shooting at 1/500 of a second so I think there may have been some camera movement making everything appear to be slightly soft. I love the oasis of palm trees in the upper mid portion of the frame and the composition is pretty good. Might be something worth reshooting with newer equipment.

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I also like a composition, but agree that the foreground grass (which, I think is invasive fountain grass) could be lightened so that it stands out more. It’s a bit lost in the background now. Lightening would make it more of an obvious element.

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