Red-shouldered Hawk

Usually, these hawks will take wing if I try to get anywhere close for a photo. This one followed me around my yard here in NE Oklahoma while I was mowing, sitting in the trees just above me on the lowest limb available, and wasn’t the least bit perturbed when I went and got the camera and photographed him. Perhaps hoping I would scare up a meal for him?

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Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Canon 60D, Canon 70-300mm IS USM zoom, f/5.6, 1/2000 sec., ISO 800, Hand Held. Processed in ACR and PSE 2020 for exposure and sharpness. Topaz De-noise applied.

Oh this is great! Such a treat and I’m glad you shared. It looks a tad dark to me, but that’s your judgment call.

I forget the species, but I read some time ago that certain birds of prey will follow industrial farming equipment for exactly this reason. The big combines and spreaders stir up all kinds of small animals that are just right for a hawk’s lunch. Maybe this one has learned that small tractors can, too.

Very nice capture! They are very minor distractions but you might clone out the vertical limb at the right edge and the in-focus one in the UL corner. There still seems to be a bit of noise, but that’s better than the plastic look. Or is it from a little too much sharpening? It’s a delicate balance.

Put this guy on retainer! What a great motivation to mow!

Yeah, @Kris_Smith. When I was a youngster, still in high school, I worked summers and school breaks for a farmer/rancher. Hawks, etc. , and occasionally even a coyote, would often follow behind the tractor hoping it would flush field mice and rabbits. The image may be a bit dark. He was sitting in deep shade, and I just left it dark. Thanks!

Hey, @Diane_Miller . After over 20 years of mowing and trimming an acre of grass, even the thrill of photographing wildlife is not enough incentive to make me hustle out there! :grinning: I didn’t notice those branches until you mentioned them. It probably is over-sharpened. There was hardly any noise in the original image. Always nice to have another set of eyes.

A very cool image even with Diane"s comments with which I agree. (Yeah, bird photographers, including myself, can be really critical: but isn’t that what you want?) Color and presentation are spot on. Red Shouldered Hawks are not seen around NW Washington, so I would be very happy with this image.

Hi Terry, these are such beautiful birds - a real thrill when one cooperates like this. I like the pose you caught. Agree with ramping down the sharpening on the bird. A pleasing and captivating image even with the branches in the frame.

Wonderful shot, great species to capture ! Agree with Diane about the branches, but for me it works already fine as presented ! Cheers, Hans

Hi @David_Schoen. I am not thin-skinned. I joined NPN to try to learn to make better photographs. All critiques/comments are welcome. Thanks!

Hi @Allen_Sparks Your comments are much appreciated.

Hi @Hans_Overduin Thanks for your comments. I’m glad you like it.