Red-shouldered Hawk

I was in a field near my house waiting on foxes when this hawk flew to the ground supposedly after voles. It flew off with empty talons.

Specific Feedback Requested


Technical Details

Canon 90D, Sigma 150-600 C, tripod
ISO 640, f6.3, 1/2000s


Nice achievement! I like the hawk’s pose and the background. You could consider cloning out the white OOF branch above the bird, but other than that I wouldn’t change a thing. Cheers, Hans

Very nice flight shot. Techs are all spot on. I’m with Hans on the OOF branch.

Great detail and I like the wing position.

As others have said, this is a great action shot, Allen. Great wing position and eye contact.

That’s about the best image I’ve seen for showing off the characteristic of their name, Allen. Excellent flight shot. I agree on the oof branches.

Nice catch, Allen. Beautiful in flight shot flight of a Red -shoulder. I might consider more softening or de-satauration of the upper background.

@David_Bostock @Keith_Bauer @Allen_Brooks @Hans_Overduin @Stephen_Stanton @Dennis_Plank

Thanks for the comments everyone! Here’s a repost with the upper oof branch removed.


Excellent capture with very nice detail and processing. Definitely a good view of the shoulders. Nice pruning job! I agree with @Stephen_Stanton about lowering the saturation of the upper BG, as it makes things feel a bit top-heavy to me. That might be countered by a dark gradient from the bottom.

@Stephen_Stanton @Diane_Miller
Oops forgot to desaturate in the repost. Here is another try bringing down the green saturation by 30% using Nik Viveza 3.

Second repost works the best. Really good job on the detail, color, composition, and background.

Hi Allen
What that saying “the third time a charm”. This is a really good looking Red-shouldered Hawk and you did a good job removing the branch coming out of the Hawks shoulder.

Just getting back to it Allen, the re-post works nicely and seems much smoother and easier on my eyes.