Red, White & Green

Loved the vibrant colors in the new snow.

Specific Feedback Requested

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Nikon D500 Nikon PF500mm - shot at 1/320 sec, F10.0, ISO 250 at 500mm


I like the color combination, EJ. The foreground berries being out of focus, however, makes them feel more in the way than an integral part of the scene to me.

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EJ, the green and white look great. While the red foreground berries add nicely to the story, I wonder how seeing some of them in focus would look (which clearly was not possible here). Another idea would be to have them even more oof, so there was a wash of red in front of the greens/whites. Hopefully, you’ll have the opportunity for more exploration.

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Thank you- have several variants of this shot. With berries in focus, and not. The berries were just too red/bright and could not get a balance with the colors. So went with the focus on the evergreens and a splash of red…