Critique Style Requested: Standard

The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


Sunrise in Escalante National Monument: bare cottonwoods with red sandstone cliffs. A terrific sunrise location.

Technical Details

f/13 1/125 sec. ISO 400


@delton nice image and cropping. I like how the trees look to be dancing in front of the rock wall. You might have tried this when you were processing, but did you look at it if you went even lighter on the background? Or possibly darker, but I think that would then lose the effect of the trees. The lines on the wall are slightly distracting – not much. Being a little nit picky, because I really like this shot.

Thank you, Patrick. As to the dancing trees: at one point I titled it Redrock Dancers. I actually worked to enhance the texture of the background rock, so I’ll have to consider if the textures distract from the dances.


Del Y

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Stunning. It almost looks like two images combined…textured background with silhouettes of trees superimposed. For some reason, my eye keeps going to the blank yellow area on the right side of the image. Could something be done about that?

Chris, Thank you; and yes I’d like to narrow that space on the right…But it may require going back to reposition my camera!


Del Y