Remains of the flower

Critique Style Requested: Standard

The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


In the winter I walked around a pond by my home and collected seed pods from different flowering plants. I found these, which I think were sunflowers. I grouped these three together and used my macro focusing rail to get most of each flower in focus. Then I used Topaz to add a background to the final image.

Specific Feedback

What is good? What isn’t good? How can the image be improved ? Any other comments would be appreciated as well.

Technical Details

I don’t have this information at this time.

Hi Theresa, Welcome to NPN! I like what I see in the thumbnail but I can’t get the image to enlarge at all. What size did you post the image as?

Hi Theresa, and welcome to NPN! I also am unable to enlarge the image. Not sure what is causing it. Have you read and followed the guidelines found here FAQ / Guidelines - Site Discussions / Site Tips - Nature Photographers Network to upload your image?

I like what I see here in your post, but would love to enlarge it and get to see it better. Let me know if you need more assistance.

**I resized the image. Thanks for your patience. **

So glad you were able to resize your image and get it uploaded okay. It can seem a bit confusing on NPN until you get used to it.

I like the placement of the seed head and having three of them in the image is nice. The seed head are very interesting. For me, I would prefer them to be a bit sharper, but I think by you adding that background which looks something like a painting, it makes the seed heads a part of the same art style, if that makes sense. The colors work well together too.

Welcome! I like the colours and the placement of the flowers, and the textured BG matches well. Two small suggestions: the yellowish bit top left of the right-hand flower distracts my eye a bit and could be removed. Also, my personal choice would be not to cut the tips of the spikes in the 2 larger flowers, i.e. to give them more space. But that’s more a matter of artistic choice, and probably too late to change anyway. I do like the use of textures, and not many people use them on this site!

Thank you both for the comments. I’m teaching myself photoshop editing, so adjustments are a work in progress.

Oh good for you, Theresa. I rarely use Photoshop, and it is something I should spend more time learning. After all, it is part of the package that I pay monthly for, so I should learn to use it. I find myself just using Lightroom mostly, and I have been learning more about it, but still, I should spend some time learning Photoshop. It is there for me.

Hi Theresa, I like the painterly treatment of this image with the softness and all the texture. I also like the pods being cut off by some of the edges of the frame - I think it gives a healthy tension to the image. Well done.