Most mornings I am visited by small migraine of around 20 lorikeets. Some days, I get around 200. They are sociable but have a definite hierarchy. The birds can live for 30 or more years and stay paired for life. The ones in this image are young, but bonds are forming.

Specific Feedback Requested

Any comments are welcome.

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
f7.1 1/640 ISO3200

Big crop. Most post-processing was done in ACR.


I love this image. They are so cute and look like one is whispering something to the other. The colors are so powerful and almost don’t seem real. The only thing for me is that they feel a little cramped in the space but I am guessing there were things around them you had to crop out. But this picture made me smile and will stay with me as a happy image.

A wonderful example of the impossibility of life…and yet here it is! Lovely photograph.

All the techs are terrific here, and you got a great pose from the birds. Well done.

You nailed it, Glenys. While the colors and detail are spot on, it is the interaction between the two birds that caught my attention. So sweet. Lucky you to have these beautiful birds right in your backyard! Lovely capture.

Wow!, Glennie, I think you’ve got the entire color wheel here in highly saturated colors. What a treat to have a multitude of these come visiting regularly. The pose, action and sharpness are excellent.

@glennie This image really stands out. It’s so colorful, and the behavior of the birds makes it a very cute image. It sounds very interesting to watch them.

Thank you for your comment. There was nothing destracting about the background, I just liked the tight crop.

Thank you everyone for your kind comments.

I have many more images of rainbow lorikeets. I hope you don’t get bored!!

I love this, Glenys! We don’t get any tropical birds up this far. So much color and personality. You could crop tighter if you wanted to. The interaction and details are there.

I’m playing catch-up here, or trying to. These two little birds are SOOO cute!! They must have sweet personalities! Are they similar to parakeets? Details, light and colors are wonderful, along with the pose! I hope we get to see many more of your awesome birds down there!

It’s whispering: “We’re auditioning for the Weekly Challenge”. You caught so well this wonderful pair, posing beautifully. But a migraine? Surely they have a prettier name for this species!