RIP Hank Pennington

I am sad to report that long time member Hank Pennington passed away on July 29. He was a regular contributor to NPN from nearly the beginning.

Here is a link to an article on Hank in the Kodiak Daily Mirror - very much worth the read;

RIP Hank, you will be missed.

Oh man, Hank will be missed. I never met him, but his contributions around here were awesome. He was amazingly helpful and friendly. RIP, Hank.

I will echo Harley’s thoughts here about Hank. What a sad update to our entire NPN community on this very long time member passing.
Jim, we appreciate you providing us this recent information about Hank. Best regards go out to Hank’s family and many friends.

I’m so sorry to hear that, he was a great asset to this community and will be missed greatly. I have cancelled his subscription to ensure his family doesn’t get left with any charges from us. RIP Hank.

I heartily agree. Hank and I had some e-mail threads over the years. He was a good guy, and will be missed. I always appreciated his insights.

The article linked to in @Jim_Erhardt’s post has a pay wall. Is there another link, or can someone copy and paste the article here?

Oh my, I’m so very sorry to hear this. My sincere condolences to family, friends and all who know Hank.

Hank was a huge asset to this community and He will be truly missed. Wow, I spent a few minutes searching and this man was an Alaskan icon. Known, loved and respected by countless folks. And in all the links I found, not one mention of photography… which actually just goes to show the depth of his many talents and contributions. RIP Hank.

I’m so sorry to hear this. Hank and I had a number of conversations through NPN over the years and his comments were always insightful. A wonderful man and we’ll all miss him.

Wow, the NPN family seems to have suffered the loss of several this year, and now we’ve lost Hank. My prayers go to his wife, Jan. I am unaware if they had children but if they did, my condolences go to them as well. I knew Hank as a photographer and fisherman but after reading some articles about him, he was involved in a little bit of everything, and indeed seemed to be a master of so many things. Hank was a fountain of knowledge and was always happy to share it with anyone who asked. Here’s a link everyone might enjoy - Story about Hank.


Great article and great to learn more about Hank. Thanks, Bill.

I too am so sorry to hear this. Hank was a part of NPN since before I joined in 2003 and I will miss him!

RIP Hank. I remember some very kind and helpful comments he left on my photos here. Thank you for letting us know, Jim.

I enjoyed Hank’s posts very much as well. He seemed well balanced and really down to earth. Nothing seemed to bother him and he was always in a good mood. Such a shame this happened.

I’m so sorry to hear this and will miss Hank. He’s been a regular member of NPN for as long as I can remember.

Hank was a great asset to NPN, with lots of excellent photos and comments. Thanks for the update, Jim. He will be missed.

Just saw this. What a nice person he was! So sad to see this.

Hank was incredible. He had so many interests and abilities, and he seemed to always remain reasoned and calm, no matter the discussion.
The human race will miss him.

I am so sad to hear this news. Hank was the one that brought me to this forum. He suggested it through a camping forum of which we were both members. He was always helpful here and there and I’d always hoped we’d cross paths at some point. My heart goes out to his wife and family.

So sorry to hear this! Loved chatting with Hank, just went back and looked at a bunch of e-mail between us from way back in 2005! RIP!