Rising Moon

I was out walking in the park just as the moon rose over the trees. I like the trees framing the moon and bit of foreground interest.

Specific Feedback Requested

Any advice to help improve is great.

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Canon 90D
Sigma 150-600C @ 600mm
ISO 800
1/640 shutter

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Looks very nice to me, with interesting sky color, and I like the trees and composition, but it could profit from some NR. There is some color noise in the sky, possibly from JPEG conversion.

Suggestions are better targeted with information about what processing you have done.

Do you have the newest Topaz? It is awesome. Try the Low Light adjustment but compare all 4. Then the image should be clean enough for some Nik Tonal Contrast or TK masking – I’ll let others make suggestions about that as I’m just getting into it. You will want some sort of low-frequency pseudo-sharpening to bring out detail.

Brian, this looks great as presented. The details in the moon are nice and sharp. I also like the low contrast approach, with the moon and sky being a bit muted while showing some subtle color.

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