RMNP Fall Scene & repost

D800, 18-35 at 31 mm, f 8, 1/50 sec, ISO 200, tripod, polarizer, cable release.

Any and all artistic and technical feedback is appropriate. I wanted to try to get a little motion in the leaves that were blowing off the trees.

I processed in LR, used a wee bit of Orten, upped the sat a bit in orange and yellow, lowered the luminous a bit in yellow, used some dodging in three of the corners, toned down the blue of the sky as it was drawing my eye.

Starting to do more landscapes and appreciate feedback.


I like this very much. You’ve done a good job in capturing those falling leaves. They show much better of course in the larger view. I like the composition that includes the autumn grass, the cluster of aspen on the right, and the open area with darker background that really allow the falling leaves to show thru.

Although the patches of sky do draw the eye a bit, they don’t bother me, given the time of day and the back lit aspen. In fact, you chose the best angle in showcasing the back lighting.

One interesting thing I see and that’s the state of the lower part of all the aspens - and it makes me wonder why. Then I’m thinking, maybe this is because of trunks being buried in snow?

Nicely seen, captured and processed.


Thanks Lon

The lower part of those aspens is what attracted me to begin with and I have kicked myself for not taking some close ups of those patters. This is in a valley in RMNP. I think you’re supposition about snow is probably correct but need to track that down.

hi kathy,
you spotted a nice backlit scene here. your processing is very natural and i like the level of detail in this shot.
to be honest to me the composition feels a bit out of balance because the right half holds way more interest then the left (better said the two halves differ in density). other than that, the tree on the left side is a bit close to the frame - you could crop it out, but it would leave you with the pine being in the same position.
if it were my shot i’d probably play around with different crops (panoramic? vertical?), or maybe look for different compositions of the same scene.

Hi Joerg

I see what you mean. Just tried the vertical. It loses the falling leaves and the top of those trees brings in more sky. So, I made a new horizontal. Is this better?

Thanks for the comments.


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i like this better - the pine now acts as a counterbalance.

Thanks Joerg. I see what you mean.

Joerg made a good point. The repost is better overall.

Good call on the crop!

This is a lovely image, Kathy. I like the semi-pano repost best. It’s a beautiful scene in itself, but your processing has really magnified the beauty. I might consider filling in the small patch of sky in the repost because that does pull the eye away from the overall scene, but that’s the only nit I can find. I like your comp and crop in the report quite a bit. Well done.

I prefer the original comp, but find the sky distracting. Might be some work, but you could consider cloning out the sky (in either version). The highlighted grasses work really well, as do the backlit trees.